Don’t choose a letting agent based on their fee. The cheapest agent may end up costing you more in the long run!

Letting agents who charge a bit more, generally do so for a reason. So, what is the benefit?

We spend more time with you at the beginning of the process getting to know you, finding out what your priorities are, and your concerns. This is important to ensuring we put forward the best possible matched tenants to your preferences.

A good agent actually earns their fees once a suitable tenant is found; taking time to collate and verify references to reassure you they are the best tenants for your property. If any red flags appear, this is the time we spot them, before a tenancy agreement is signed and before tenants have moved in.

We do not cut corners and race through the process just to take our fee. If anything is rushed or missed, it could cost more in the long run! We are not the cheapest agents, and nor do we want to be. Ask yourself why are some agents’ fees cheaper? What part of the process are they missing or skipping? What marketing are they not doing? Are they likely to push you into renting to the first person who makes an offer, just so they can be paid their fee quicker?

Our clients will vouch for the fact we are well worth our fees – and probably a bit more!


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