Engaging your solicitor

We strongly recommend instructing a good solicitor at the same time as your estate agent. Early instruction gives your solicitor ample time to gather all the necessary documents from you and on your behalf. Having a solicitor in place also shows buyers that you are organised and serious about selling your property.

Your solicitor will advise you what information and documentation they need. It will include

  • Title deeds (which you should locate as soon as possible)
  • Non-Principle Private Residence Payment Certificate (NPPR)
  • Title map
  • Irish PPS tax numbers
  • Confirmation of up-to-date payments of Local Property Tax Charges from 2013 – 2023
  • Planning documents (if relevant to your home or property)
  • Copy of your photo ID and recent utility bill to your home address

A smooth and efficient sale relies on a well-prepared vendor and a competent solicitor. Just like your choice of agent, your solicitor should be someone you feel comfortable and confident working with. Also, are they good at returning your calls and emails? Good communication cannot be overstated.


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