In a competitive market, how can I stand out as a tenant? What documents do I need to prepare and provide?

Securing a rental property can be highly stressful in the current market given the lack of supply and huge competition from tenants looking to rent. Often when viewing a property there is more than one party looking to apply.
To position yourself as the best applicant to a landlord or rental agent, we advise the following information should be ready at hand. It could even be emailed across ahead of any viewing appointment!

  • Confirmation of employment – a letter from your employer that includes your salary.
  • Previous landlord reference if you have rented before.
  • Financial reference (copy of recent payslips or bank statement).
  • A small profile blurb, providing all relevant background information that may make you stand out against others.

The more information and supporting documents an agent or landlord has, the more they are likely to make a positive decision in your favour. At Borgman Earls, all information provided is handled under our privacy policy and in line with GDPR regulations (details of which can be found on our website).


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