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“Hi, I’m Tracy. I’d love to hear about your plans for selling or buying a house.”
Talk to me about your plans. Are you selling or buying? Looking to rent? I’ll guide you through all the ins and outs.

A Bit More About Me

As much as I love property, my job is about so much more than that. It’s about helping people who are looking to make changes to their living circumstances & improve their lives. Every conversation I have with a vendor, landlord, tenant, purchaser or tradesperson matters to me.

We all know how stressful buying or selling a property can be. Alongside 18 years’ of knowledge and experience, I try to bring a little calm to the process (I’m also a qualified yoga teacher so I put my zen-like approach down to this!).

We recently celebrated our 9th year in business. During our first week, Nick and I placed the ‘Borgman Earls’ plaque outside our office. That was a huge moment for us – to see all our ideas and hard work come to fruition. Since then, our team has grown, and we’ve expanded our offering. But our dedication to putting people first remains. That’s what makes Borgman Earls so special.

"Tracy's Top Tips"

Tips for tenants on how to get noticed

Tips for tenants on how to get noticed

Getting no replies to your property enquiries? Tracy offers advice to tenants on how to get noticed by agents and…
How to prepare your property for sales photography and video

How to prepare your property for sales photography and video

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Engaging your solicitor

Engaging your solicitor

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"What People Are Saying"

Tracy and Nick and all their team are a pleasure to deal with. They are professional and pleasant and do their utmost to look after their client. I would (and already have) highly recommend Borgman Earls Property Consultants to anyone letting or selling property.
- Sarah Walsh
Tracy is a super professional and experienced agent. She took care of everything throughout the transaction. Highly recommend to leave your property to her management if you want to lease or sell a property.
- Zheng Xu
My experience with Tracy was great. I chose to enter the property world in a great time of uncertainty due to Covid 19. Tracy was extremely helpful in arranging viewings in the initial stages whilst adhering to Covid guidelines. As the sale progressed there where many external factors that tried to slow down the process, however, Tracy was great for staying in touch and offered support at all times.
- Ben Breslin

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"Tracy's Frequently Asked Questions"

Great question! There are so many small things you can do such as refreshing painted walls, getting windows professionally cleaned and tidying up outdoor spaces. Anything you can do to make your house look and feel bigger, brighter & fresher will help get prospective buyers through the door for a viewing, and possibly back for a second look! I’m happy to arrange to meet you at your property to assist you with your preparation plans & ideas ahead of listing your property for sale or letting.

Understandably this is very often the first question we our asked by our clients. Before & after we’ve visited your property, we’ll compare it to similar apartments or houses in the area that have recently sold / are currently listed for sale.  The condition, age of the property, special characteristics, location & proximity to key commuting routes can all have a bearing on the overall valuation.

Once we’ve spoken with you & established your plan to sell & expected time-line, Nick or I will arrange to meet you at your property, or via video call to get your appraisal underway. We handle house sales as if they’re our own & we want to ensure you get the best possible price & have the best experience by engaging Borgman Earls.

We’ll discuss our services & fees in detail with you, & give you a step by step guide as to how the sale will progress from beginning to end. We can also talk through any alterations or preparation work you might need to complete ahead of marketing.

This is one of the most asked questions, and unfortunately giving a definite answer isn’t as easy as you might think.  The time it takes to sell a property in Ireland depends on a series of variables which include:

  • Listing the property at the correct market value
  • Quality of professional photography and advertising material
  • The pro-activity of your chosen agent
  • Type of sale, private treaty or auction
  • Conveyancing process
  • Time of year
  • Property market and overall economic conditions

In our experience and according to industry data, the amount of time it takes to sell a property from advertising to closing is between 3 to 6 months. As an agency, our job is to progress the sale as promptly and efficiently as we can, liaising between our vendors and purchasers and their respective solicitors throughout the sales process.

This is a question which comes up regularly. The process is similar between agents; however, some will be better than others in receiving, acknowledging and following up with you after your offer has been communicated to the vendor. Our advice is as follows:

Phone the agent first:  If viewing a property which is attracting lots of attention and interest from prospective buyers, it’s best to initially phone the agent to confirm your interest and remind them of your interaction at the viewing. Take time to consider your interest overnight before confirming your first bid.

Email: Your follow-up email is most important. Confirm your offer in writing and send proof of funds as an attachment. For example, a copy of your mortgage approval documents, or proof of up-to-date balance of cash funds. The agent is obliged to keep you updated on all future offers received, however remind them that you look forward to receiving regular updates as viewings and the overall sale process progresses.

Individual circumstances:  A good agent will take the time to understand your current circumstances in respect of purchasing such as your motivation to buy and search for a new property and your current living circumstances. For example, are you renting, living at home, or selling? Whilst the vendor will be most concerned about achieving the best price for their property, knowing the background of a prospective buyer and their circumstances could also have an effect on the vendor’s final decision and acceptance of a given offer. Making your general circumstances known to the agent can be helpful in the overall process.


How long will it be before the vendor agrees the sale? Some vendors will prefer a quick sale while others will be happy to let a sale progress at a steady pace before accepting an offer. Ask the agent when you can expect a decision to be made/have an offer accepted. The agent should keep you updated on additional offers but make sure you also keep in touch with them based on the timeline they’ve advised.

Whilst we are not tax advisors, we are often asked about tax liability after the sale of a property. The question often arises in respect of Capital Gains Tax.  So, here’s a brief and general overview on Capital Gains Tax in Ireland:

  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax in Ireland on any profit you make when you sell an asset.
  • The individual who sells the asset is responsible to pay it.
  • The difference between the price you bought the asset for, and the value you sold it for, is usually the chargeable gain on which CGT is due.

What are the CGT rates?

On gains made on the sale of Irish real estate, individuals are subject to Capital Gains Tax at a rate of 33%. Depending on the relevant circumstances, a variety of CGT reliefs and exemptions may be available.


When should I pay CGT?

If you sold the property between:
– On 1 January and 30 November, you should pay CGT by 15 December of the same year.
– On 1 December and 31 December, you should pay CGT by 31 January of the next year.


If you sold a property or asset and did not make any capital gain i.e., you sold the property for less than you originally purchased it for, you will not be liable to pay any CGT

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