Registering my tenancy

Do I have to register my tenancy?

A common query we receive from new landlord clients is around the registration of the tenancy with the Residential Tenancies Board…the infamous ‘RTB.’  

Typical new landlord questions we are asked all the time… 

  • How often do I need to register the tenancy?  
  • What is the cost to register? 
  • Do I have to register my tenancy? 

Let’s address these one by one; 

As all landlords should be aware, whenever a new tenancy is created, the tenancy must be registered with the RTB, within 30 days of the tenancy start date. It is a legal obligation for all landlords to register their tenancy or face the possibility of a fine of up to €4000. 

Our best advice is that you register the tenancy immediately, on the day the tenancy commences, just as we do for our clients. This ensures it is not forgotten and then as other things in life get in the way, by the time you remember, you end up incurring a late registration fee.  

A tenancy can be registered by logging into the RTB online portal. You first need to create a verified account as a landlord with the RTB. For our clients, we handle all registrations for them. All information on becoming an RTB-verified landlord can be accessed via the link below:

To complete the tenancy registration online will only take a few minutes. The main details of the tenancy are input into the RTB portal, including details of the parties involved, and the lease terms agreed, so make sure you have these to hand. 

The €40 registration fee must then be paid and can be made by card online. 

Tenants will often ask you to confirm the RTB Tenancy Registration No. so they can avail of any active tax relief schemes on their rent payments. Not being able to provide your tenants with the RTB Tenancy Registration No. can lead to problems if reported to the RTB. 

What is also important for a landlord to note, is that the tenancy must be re-registered annually, within a month of the anniversary of the tenancy start date. There is an annual re-registration charge of €40 to the RTB to re-register the tenancy. This is again done through the RTB online portal. 

Ensuring your tenancy remains correctly registered with the RTB is vital in terms of meeting your legal obligations as a landlord. Our software system ensures we receive early reminders to re-register all tenancies at the correct time for our clients, so no missed registrations, and no late fees! 

If you have any queries regarding the registering of your tenancy or any aspect of renting out your property, feel free to reach out to me.  


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