Tenant Selection

Would you let a stranger live in your house? Neither would we!

For any landlord, choosing the right tenant for your property is the most important part of the whole rental process. This decision could make or break the tenancy. So how do we do it?

I always say to landlords that it is in the time taken in selecting the right tenants, that a good agent earns their fee!

We start the whole ‘vetting’ process from the very first phone call or email received into our office.

Why are you moving? How many people would it be for? Where are you working? What is your background?

Once we are satisfied with the information provided, we will invite a tenant to come and view the property. We do not hold open viewings. I honestly cannot understand why other agents still do this!

We will agree to show the property to a small handful of selected tenants, so that we already know the full profile and background of those we will meet, and that they are all potentially suitable, should the property be of interest.

When tenants wish to apply to rent a property, we will then follow a very detailed process of reference and information checking.

Documents that tenants are required to provide are:

  • Confirmation of employment
  • Confirmation of salary (recent payslips or recent bank statement)
  • Previous landlord reference
  • Copy of photo ID
  • PPS No (for RTB registration purposes)

Upon receiving the references, we will then make a phone call to the employer and previous landlord to validate the information given. Once we have collated and verified their references we will confirm to the landlord, so they can make an informed decision on who to proceed with.

We take our time throughout this process with no short cuts, as choosing the right tenant from the outset will minimise any potential future issues arising during the tenancy.

Would I rent my own property to these tenants? That is our priority!


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